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Re: [K12OSN] Apple Xserve as /home ?

Shawn Powers wrote:
I'm having significant problems with netatalk in my network -- I'm not
sure if it's because I'm sharing /home directories that are mounted via
nfs, or what -- but the .AppleDB folders get corrupt every time a user
logs out.  (Note, this problem was mentioned on this list before, and I
haven't found a solution yet, even reinstalling on a second server...
ugh.)  Right now, I have a cron job that deletes the .AppleDB folder in
everyone's home directory every 3 minutes.  What a kludge -- AND it
causes instability for users currently logged in (but not as much as I
though it would...)

Anyway, if I buy an actual Apple server, can it export /home for my
linux boxes?  (And my Microsoft boxes?)  I still need good support for
OS9 clients, so I can't just use samba.

Anyone using an xserve as your /home directory server?  Advice one way
or another?


What version of netatalk are you using?

I've been having good luck with version 2.0. We have had it in
production all this school year and I have not had a single .AppleDB

With 2.0, you can use the "dbd" scheme for the .AppleDB files. This
fires up a daemon that does all of the reading/writing to the .AppleDB
file. To make this active, you have to edit your AppleVolumes.default
config fine and append "cnidscheme:dbd" to each share. Such as:

   ~ cnidscheme:dbd

To upgrade from 1.5 or 1.6 to 2.0, there is a lengthly process for modifying the existing .AppleDB files. If found it much easier just to nuke the old .AppleDBs ;-)

I have RH9 & FC2/3 packages here:



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