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RE: [K12OSN] New FC3 server, how to export /home correctly?

> Finally, my nightmare with migrating to FC3 is over! 
> Hallelujah!  Angels are singing!  Here's what I did
> (thanks to everyone who helped out):
> 1) Installed FC3 via NFS to 5 classroom servers (no
> firewall, no SELinux options).
> 2) Configured one classroom server to export /home to
> the others.  Used Webmin.
> 3) Created all the users' accounts via Webmin batch
> script.
> 4) Configured the other classroom servers to mount
> /home via NFS.  Used Webmin again.  (First add the
> /home server to hosts file via Webmin, then mount
> /home).
> 5) Copied group, gshadow *(that's new), passwd &
> shadow files from /etc/ on the /home server to /etc/
> on the other servers.
> 6) And it worked.

Awesome to hear.  I was beginning to wonder if you had succeeded or
given up.

I just wonder what problems you will have in the future with adding or
removing users.  Maybe someone out here has a suggestion to writing a
cron or how to use rsync to keep those files updating automagically
without you having to copy those files out to 5 servers everytime you
change/add/remove a user.

Now I hope you documented this all for the next upgrade :-)

Thanks for not giving up!

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