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Re: [K12OSN] Solving the bandwidth bottleneck

On Tuesday 10 May 2005 09:25 am, Jim McQuillan wrote:
> Scott,
> yes, you could connect the 2 switches to your 2 nics and split the load.
> Just make sure you don't then connect the 2 switches together.
> AND, make sure you pick different subnets for the 2 networks.
> Something like 192.168.0.x for eth0, an 192.168.1.x for eth1 would work,
> assuming your netmask is

Glory Be.  Thanks Jim.

> Although i'd be pretty surprised if you are utilizing all of the 1gbit
> link between the server and 1 switch.  Again, assuming the switch has a
> 1gbit port.  If not, that would be a great way to resolve your bandwidth
> problem.

Definitely a gig switch, but with humans involved it could possibly be 
uplinked inappropriately.  It may not even be a Gig cable.  I'll investigate 
this, and, if it is not the issue, I'll study bandwidth vs. i/o utilization 
to be sure that I have a valid theory.  I appreciate the insight. 

> Jim McQuillan
> jam Ltsp org


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