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Re: OT-hijacked. . .Re: [K12OSN] Solving the bandwidth bottleneck

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
I have two NICs in a server, one on a public IP and one on a
private one
and they are both connected to the same switch. . . is this really a

Don't seem to be from here. . .

As far as know this definitely breaks more than a couple networking
rules :-)

If it is working I hate to say change it as the general rule is "if it
ain't broke don't fix it".  But you may want to fix that.

You should never have 2 networks propogating the same switch.  This
should cause major slowdowns and collisions, if not more.

Having two NICs on the same logical network is certainly a no-no.

But in Doug's case above, he specifies that the two NICs are on
different logical networks (one public, one private). I have the same
setup on several of my servers.


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