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RE: OT-hijacked. . .Re: [K12OSN] Solving the bandwidth bottleneck

> It was my understanding that switches are "smart".
> and know what port requests what and where it's going/coming 
> from... unlike a hub which just spurts traffic on all ports 
> for the sake of 
> spurting =)
> --Huck(not a switch expert obviously)

>From what I know this will hose up routing tables and get things
confused as to what direction to go for other networks.  With both
networks in the same switch it could make it look like any external
networks could be reached out either NIC and get things very confused.
I am sure there are other reasons why not to but this seems the most

As far the difference of a switch and a hub a switch is smarter.  But
that just means that a directed request go to only the needed port
instead of all ports.  But they still don't handle any routing as they
are only layer 2 devices.  So when you start to hose the routing tables
of your layer 3 devices things start to get messy.

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