[K12OSN] Adding another server as backup.

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Wed May 11 10:44:56 UTC 2005

What happens if you throw another DHCP server in there
that doesn't hand out kernels?  By what you're saying
it sounds like it would not cause any conflicts, and
that each ltsp client would still be able to get a
kernel because only ltsp servers (and not the plain
DHCP server) would respond to the kernel request.  Is
that right?  If so, it sounds like the port 1067
option is not necessary for integrating ltsp into a
network with a pre-existing, untouchable DHCP server.


--- Martin Woolley <sysadmin at handsworth.bham.sch.uk>
> How and why it all works is clearly related to the
> cleverness built into the 
> DHCP specification and to the time slice that each
> process gets from the Unix 
> kernel.  I vaguely remember reading that is there
> are two or more DHCP 
> servers dishing out addresses in the same i/p range,
> they keep track of 
> addresses given out by the other servers so that no
> duplicates occur.  What I 
> think happens is that when a client does a DHCP
> request (a DHCP Discover is 
> put on the wire), my guess is that the machine that
> happens to have dhcpd as 
> the active process serves an i/p address (puts a
> DCHP Offer on the wire).  
> The client responds with a DHCP Request and when the
> DHCP Acknowledge is 
> broadcast, other DHCP servers take a note of the i/p
> address and delete it 
> from the pool. 
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