OT wandering mouse, was Re: [K12OSN] Adding another server as backup.

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Wed May 11 10:48:48 UTC 2005

You could use an electrical staple (the kind they use
to staple residential electrical wiring to the inside
of walls, ceilings, etc.) and staple that mouse cord
right down to the desk.  If it's stapled at the back
side of the desk, you still have full range of mouse
movement and nobody will even notice it--until they
try to steal it.


--- Gavin Chester <sales at ecosolutions.com.au> wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-05-11 at 10:41 +0000, Martin Woolley
> wrote:
> -big snip-
> > problem with that client (eg a mouse is stolen ...
> 				^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Among the interesting load balancing stuff you
> dropped this gem about
> your mouse problems.  That's some serious stuff -
> I'd only heard about
> kids taking the mouse's ball out before now :-(
> I don't know if it's an option for you to stop this
> problem by investing
> in some industrial trackballs that can be set into
> the bench/desk top,
> or ditto industrial trackpads.  Alternatively, you
> could look at a
> keyboard combo that I use all the time, a Logitech
> "New Touch" wherein
> the ergonomic keyboard has a trackpad built into the
> wrist rest.
> Failing all of the above (on price or availability)
> you might look into
> getting some stand-alone track pads to replace the
> mouse and have your
> maintenance staff screw them to the desks.  Just
> some ideas that could
> save you hassle and money in the long run.  HTH.   
> -- 
> Regards, 
>         Gavin Chester
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