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Re: [K12OSN] standalone spyware / content filter -- need suggestions

My suggestion would be IPCop and add Cop+. Several schools that I know of are using this and are very happy with it. The Cop+ addon will add DansGuardian.

Easy to set up. Easy to manage. I rarely touch ours and it just plugs away doing its job.

ClarkConnect is another alternative.

Rob Owens wrote:

I've heard a few package names mentioned, like
Dansguardian, but I was wondering if somebody could
suggest the easiest one to use.  The goal is mostly to
stop spyware.  It will be a standalone box that
doesn't need to run any other apps.  Perhaps there's
even a distro out there that is specifically designed
for this kind of thing, I don't know.  Any help would
be appreciated.  I've never set one of these things
up, so I'd prefer something that is 90% effective but
intuitive to set up, over something that is 95%
effective but difficult to configure.



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