[K12OSN] standalone spyware / content filter -- need suggestions

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed May 11 17:08:39 UTC 2005

> With that in mind, I'd go with the IPCop and Cop+ and just 
> connect the red card to the 
> 'inside' port of your existing firewall, and the green card 
> to your internal network.

I'll second this.  I have set this up in a few places now with the same
configuration.  It works great.

IPCop also has the option for an Orange network which functions as a DMZ
as well.  So if you don't have a firewall in place already you can set
Green to your internal private network and the Orange to your servers.
The orange and green are kept separate from each other, you can't even
administer the IPCop box from the orange network.  You then also have
the option to create Pinholes from the Orange to the Green network if
needed.  Pretty configurable.

At my shop where my main servers for my business are housed I have a DSL
provided by Qwest with their Firewall in place, this connects to my Red
Interface of an IPCop box, then the Green network connects to a switch
for my internal network for office and customer machines, and my Orange
network connects to another switch for my Servers.

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