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Re: [K12OSN] standalone spyware / content filter -- need suggestions

DansGuardian also has great power in weighted phrase lists...

so "dirty rotten sex" would be filtered but "sex education classes"
would likely pass if you have words weighted appropriately...mind-you
a fairly time-consuming task for the admin and takes a bit of tweaking
to get it just right...

We were having issues with kids playing internet games all the time and
hording the computers for such activities...so I blocked the word 'game'
and was the most hated person on the planet for a period of 3 months =)

Also blocking staff isn't a bad idea for those staff who allow students open access to their computers, that end up taking 20% of your support time because "something happened" and everytime they open up their browser it goes to a porn site...and "they didn't do anything"


george kocke wrote:
On Wed, 2005-05-11 at 11:52, Rob Owens wrote:

One more question. How do IPCop and Dansguardian
differ from squidguard?

I forgot to mention that DansGuardian also filters based on MIME type
and file extensions. I use it to block students from downloading nearly

In addition, it can use IDENT to do interesting things such as logging
and excluding teachers from blocks based on usernames.

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