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Re: [K12OSN] Wine and MegaMUD

Hmm, is that like ProMUD? I have that, it is a linux based scripting program but I can't get it to run paths or anything which is the major reason I wanted MegaMUD. I can work with the whole editing files for config, I grew up using MUDWalk a dos based scripting program. I will test them out when I have time this weekend, homework/theatre won't let me get away till atleast saturday so plan on hearing back from me.


On 5/10/05, Huck <dhuckaby paasda org> wrote:
tintin++ and tinyfugue are both commandline based mud-clients...
both with scripting and regexp built in...triggers and all that jazz.
zmud also has all those features and more with built in mapper and other


Chris McDonald wrote:
> Well, MegaMUD allows me to script in the game I play MajorMUD. I have
> used ZMud on windows, if i recall right it just allows access to many
> muds. I dont know what tintin++ or tinyfugue are so a little elaboration
> for a noob would be nice
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