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Re: [K12OSN] Multiple LTSP servers on a single subnet?

      * Casey Woods Wrote:

I will have both students and staff using thin clients and they will all
be on the same IP subnet. This subnet is dedicated to thin client
traffic. I would like to connect two LTSP servers to the subnet and
somehow control which server the clients connect to on a client by
client basis (students to one server and staff to the other). I'm
assuming that there is some way to do this with MAC addresses?

Here's why I want to do this: I have a single gigabit fiber connection
between two buildings. I want to consolidate all my LTSP servers in
building A. The thin clients are in building B. Best case scenario would
have me light up another fiber connection so that I can run two subnets.
I have the extra fiber strands, but I'm try to avoid that added expense.

I'm open to any and all ideas!
Casey Woods

I have been closely watching all recent threads that apply to this topic.

Our situation is similar except that we have 10/100 fiber from building to building.
It would be more cost effective for me to add a server to each building along with
less expensive switch like an (amer.com SR24G2) than to upgrade the backbone to gig. 
But that is just putting off the inevitable.

Not sure what's the best way to go. My intent is to have terminals in all
classrooms this fall. We're looking at a total of around 140 - 150 terminals with
five servers this might be a little overkill but would allow for fail-over 
if all were on the same segment.

Currently home is nfs mounted over a separate physical segment to the 
three k12 servers. Not sure if this was necessary but everything works

Putting everything on one segment will be a major change and is a little 
intimidating but seems like the way to go especially if DHCP 
will distribute load as has been mentioned lately. 


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