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Re: [K12OSN] Web protection and Proxy

Interesting, Just visited your site, How can I purchase one of those Firefox Kiosk Disc?

also, how do you make a kiosk computer? That would be great for our school library. We have tons of old computers donated by the city. Would love to have a Kiosk in every room, for our on-line library card catalogue

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I am working on my sandbox LDAP server running the k12ltsp version of
Fedora. I am attempting to run squid and Dan's Guardian web filtering. Can
anyone lead me or does any one have a simple tutorial that I may follow. I
need a push to get me started. Once I learn the basics I can customize to
meet my needs.


Good place to start.

Are you alone in the the LAUSD running k12?  I'd love to see LAUSD get
interested in K12...  Ha!


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