[K12OSN] Web protection and Proxy - Mark

keith keith at gsps.wcape.school.za
Fri May 13 08:05:58 UTC 2005

> I am working on my sandbox LDAP server running the k12ltsp version 
> of Fedora. I am attempting to run squid and Dan's Guardian web 
> filtering.
> Can anyone lead me or does any one have a simple tutorial that I 
> may follow. I need a push to get me started. Once I learn the 
> basics I can customize to meet my needs.

Hi Mark
I teach at a school in Cape Town and we have 30 thin clients - Fedora 
Core - K12-LTSP and we successfully run Squid and Dansguardian. The 
person who helped me set it up - via e-mail was Barry - e-mail addy: 
barrulus at outies.co.za
I am not up there yet technically but Barry was brilliant. I hope he 
doesn't mind me referring you.

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