[K12OSN] john leonard-Jammin 125 no loading

John T. Leonard johnny at msad41.us
Fri May 13 12:39:34 UTC 2005

Quoting cliebow at downeast.net:

> John: these are type 8363..no chance to put a diff. ethernet card in..word
> on the street is it requires an elf type binary whatever that is..maybe it
> has something to do with cookies made in a treetrunk..chuck
LOL ;-)
here's a page you might look at...I've never had an 8363 but if they are
similare to the 8364, they'll have a password jumper on the mb near the on/off
button...I jump that and power it for a few seconds and then take the jumper
off...that lets me into the bios and under 'system' there is an option to make
it boot dhcp and save it.....I'm interested to see how you make out...J

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