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Re: [K12OSN] Firefox v. Mozilla

Just a clarification:

Mozilla is a suite containing a web browser, mail client, and HTML composer/editor. Some people decided that it's more efficient to break those pieces out into stand-alone apps, so people don't have to endure the overhead of pieces they don't want. Thus, we now have Firefox, Thunderbird, and Nvu, respectively. There is also Sunbird, which is a calendar program. They are all under the umbrella of the Mozilla Foundation, and they share code where relevant. The individual apps have proven to be popular enough that development on the Mozilla suite has discontinued.

This is one of the beauties of OSS: The push to have a standalone web browser came from people outside the 'core' Mozilla developers, people who wanted a lighter, faster browser. So, they just took the Moz code and started what became the Firefox project. Lots of people don't particularly like MS's Internet Explorer, but only MS gets to take the code and create something different. Not a good principle for schools, I should think.


Brian Skahan wrote:
On 5/13/05, Sharon Betts <sbetts msad71 net> wrote:

Since Mozilla has been discontinued, do you know of any plans to replace


Take a look at Nvu a standalone gecko based WYSIWG editor.  Its just
about to have a 1.0 release.

http://nvu.org iirc.


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