[K12OSN] Multiple logins: Ha Ha I logged you out!

Robert Arkiletian robark at gmail.com
Fri May 13 20:28:55 UTC 2005

I know this has come up before but I don't remember a good solution. I
have offered to hold a K12ltsp workshop for my district and I know the
issue of multiple logins is going to come up.

Right now all my own students have their own username/passwords. But
classes that visit the lab use generic logins like comp1, comp2, comp3
etc.. and the password is the same for these generic usernames.

I have set PURGE_PROCESS=YES in /etc/sysconfig/k12kltsp to prevent
multiple logins.

However, how do you prevent users (kids) from logging each other out
when they realize that if they use another username their friend gets
kicked off.

I feel like we really need a solution for this problem. If we find a
solution we should put it on the wiki or incorporate it into the

Robert Arkiletian
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