[K12OSN] Local CDROM howto?

Barry R Cisna brcisna at frontiernet.net
Sat May 14 14:11:39 UTC 2005

    Hello List,,

    Just wanting to tell all of the principles involved in the
K12LTSP..project ,,what good things this has brought to our school!Easier
management, better apps for students, more comprehensive
application(versions),,for opening MS word stuff,that kids had brought from
home on floppys, that wouldnt open in our version of Word(MS),,but would in
OO:).. and 0$ cost!

    Now for todays Q>?

    Does anyone have a "step by step" on how to actually get the local
cdrom,,to work on the clients?
    Finally got the USB/pendrive to work in conjunction with
floppy&/MToolsFM, working here,,so I dont think there's really much need to
even have cdroms on the clients,,but still would like to make them function
for the "nasayers" at our school that claims this setup,,isnt as
"functional" as a thick client.
    if anyone can post up a howto& a troubleshoot"if it doesnt work" for the
simple minded ones ,such as I..:).

    Ive seen tons of hacks on this subject, that ive tryed, but none
actually worked:(..
    BTW. We are running 4.2.0 version of K12LTSP.



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