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RE: [K12OSN] Xserve as a LTSP server....anyone done this?

> It seems around Linux World time that someone had managed to 
> get LTSP working on a Mac server.  I know the client 
> works...(Mac connected to a PC server), but was wondering if 
> anyone has managed getting LTSP working on something like 
> Ubuntu or YellowDog  on a Mac server such as an Xserve??? 
> Anyone?  If you have any ideas I'm all ears...I'd like to try 
> this for proof of concept.

Yep.  And it is super easy.  Just load something like PPC Ubuntu on it.
Then go get LTSP 4.1 and install it.  All of the original LTSP packages
I found are all noarch dependant.  It works quick and extremely easy.  

Now the problem I ran into is once it was done.  Most of the packages in
the Edutainment section are i386 dependant.  So I had trouble finding
enough PPC or noarch dependant software to install on it and make it

But as long as you don't go with K12LTSP and just use straight LTSP it
installs on Ubuntu like nothing.  I tested with YellowDog as well and it
works beautifully.

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