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Re: [K12OSN] SquidGuard Help

I'm not familiar with SQ as I use Dansguardian...
but there was some setup in the squid.conf file to begin with
and iptables...to make a transparent proxy...

I could send you my iptable rules and .conf files for DG and Squid if you think it would help.


Mark Sarria wrote:
This is my environment :

I am working on getting squidGuard to work, and I am having a problem with filtering. It’s Not Doing It. I don’t think my DB is updating the list

I have one fedora core 3 LDAP server doing authentication, and also web filtering using squidGuard. We are running windows 98 and XP , Mac OS9 and 10.2 client computers. This is a high school, so there are certain sites the students will need access to like sex education sites and sexual transmitted disease sites. We have a router that does DHCP and is our Gateway to the internet. Our school district purchased Websense to filter our entire district. So when I try to connect to a page I get Websense block and not my block.

When I enter a site on my blocked-list, It connects me right to it or shows me the connection failed Error message. So the sites on my list are not being blocked.

Can you help?


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