[K12OSN] DO I Need DHCP Server

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Tue May 17 10:29:28 UTC 2005


You have a few options regarding DHCP.

1)  Turn off DHCP on the Cisco Router and instead use
the LTSP box as your primary DHCP server.  (Use a
1-nic setup in your LTSP box).

2)  Use a 2-nic setup in your LTSP box, so that the
LTSP box gets an IP address from your Cisco router on
one nic, and on the other nice the LTSP box serves
addresses via DHCP to *only* its thin client
terminals.  This is fairly straightforward to

3)  Use a 1-nic setup in your LTSP box, but have it
serve addresses via DHCP on an alternate port (port
1067 is commonly used in this case).  Then on
www.rom-o-matic.com you configure your boot floppies
to use port 1067.  This way the two DHCP servers do
not conflict with each other.

Option 1 would be my preference.  

Option 2 is a good solution if for instance you will
have a classroom full of terminals that will run off
of a server that's also located in the classroom.  If
you want the server to be put in a room somewhere and
you want terminals all over the building to be able to
access it, option 2 might mean too much extra wiring. 

Option 3 is good, but I don't know how to get a client
to PXE boot on port 1067.  (PXE is used, I believe, by
 most newer computers that give you a "network boot"
option in their built-in bootloader). Also, there's a
handy "universal boot floppy" (see
but I think it only works on the standard port (port
67).  It doesn't seem like too many people go for
option 3, so you might find better community support
with one of the other options.


--- Mark Sarria <mes4294 at lausd.k12.ca.us> wrote:

> I am attempting my first try at booting this
> terminal server thing. I am new
> to thin client technology but have a pretty good
> idea of how it works.
> Before I get go any further I would like to describe
> my network environment.
> We have a Cisco 3663 Router that serves as our DHCP
> server and Gateway to
> the Internet. My client computers are a mixture of
> windows 95, 98, XP and
> Mac.
> AS I read the instruction on how to configure the
> server, the first thing
> that caught my attention is the fact that it has to
> be a DHCP server. So now
> I am stuck. I don't have a DHCP server. Our Cisco
> Router does that. Is there
> anyway to get terminal server to work without DHCP?
> 1.	I downloaded my ISO version of Boot ROM from
> 2.	How do I start the terminal services on the
> server?
> Thank you ALL
> ---Mark
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