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[K12OSN] RE: Professional Development and Teacher Collaboration

Hello to all.

Thanks to Shawn for bringing up the professional development issue and the suggestion for a second listserv. While I lose no sleep over the technical nature of this list (praises to all that is good in the universe for digests), something that better prepares those in the classroom for using LTSP makes sense.

If the LTSP folks would prefer for any reason not to start a K12LTSP-Teachers list, I would be happy to set up a Yahoo group to handle it. I suspect there are plenty of teachers for whom having access to a list would allay their fears enough to allow trying an LTSP mini-lab or similar.

Shawn, I'd also like permission to adopt your disclaimer.


Rushton Hurley
Students Recycling Used Technology
Silicon Valley StRUT Coordinator
e) rushton svstrut org
w) www.svstrut.org
p) 408-748-0927

----- Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 15:12:06 -0400 From: Shawn Powers <spowers inlandlakes org> Subject: [K12OSN] Professional Development and Teacher Collaboration

>One of the biggest problems we have in our district with LTSP
acceptance, I believe, is due to lack of PD.  Would anyone be willing to
share how they have trained staff to use the different OS?

>Do your teachers have lesson plans they are sharing?  Care to share

>A large part of this goes along with the thread asking about "killer
apps" --  I'll one up that, and ask about departments or grade levels
that are using thin clients as a part of the curriculum.

>Lastly, might we start another ltsp listserv for *teachers* using linux,
so that they might share ideas without subscribing to this list and
listening to the nuances of squid ports and dynamically loaded kernel
modules?   :)

>I have a 4th grade program, in which all 4 classrooms are using thin
clients.  One teacher has been using K12LTSP since version 2, and his
class hasn't visited the "normal computer lab" in 3 years.  I'd love to
hook him up with other districts.  Do other folks on this list have
similar teachers at other grade levels?  Have an interested upper
elementary teacher that might like to talk with my 4th grade success story?

>I have linux in the door -- now I really want to make it work for
everyone like it works for me.  Any advice?


>PS:  I'm willing to do the legwork, and even host the listserv if so
desired.  If you only have time to forward this email to some teachers
that would be interested, fine -- I really want to get folks
communicating classroom to classroom.

-- Shawn Powers Technology Director Inland Lakes Schools PHN: 231-238-6868 x9174 FAX: 509-356-7024 spowers inlandlakes org http://techcorner.inlandlakes.org --<Disclaimer, now required for frustrating reasons>-- The views, opinions, visions, thoughts, comments, sarcastic whims, forecasts, poetic outbursts, cynical wit, future plans, implementation ideas, OS preference, curricular insight, ice cream preference, or anything else I might infer are not the views of Inland Lakes Schools. Pretty much everything I say, do, think, or imply with punctuation should be considered my own delusions, and ignored completely.

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