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Re: [K12OSN] new K12WinCD

This sounds like an interesting idea. Another possibility is the qemu-knoppix notion of a bootable cd with qemu on it too. If you place it into a windows machine while running Windows, it autruns a virtual linux machine. Or you can boot a linux machine directly off the CD.

or google qemu knoppix

Angus Carr.
ps. No, I'm not suggesting I will set  it up. It's just an interesting idea.

luis montes cox net wrote:

Just released version 4.2.1

k12wincd provides a CD image of software that parents may wish to install for their children that go to a school using K12LTSP.
This cd can be thought of as a take home companion CD for students using Windows at home, but k12 linux at school.

As it is a companion CD to the k12ltsp distro, the new versioning scheme is intended to keep up with k12ltsp.

Get it at:


Download, burn copies, and share it with your friends :)


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