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[K12OSN] intergrating k12ltsp

 what i have now:

a dsl modem that acts as a dhcp server, our address range is –

the dsl modems address is

an as400 mainframe that we connect to via frame relay,its address is , it has a gateway address of all the windows machines that must be able to reach the as400 and the internet have a little batch file that i created to run on startup. the batch file reads as so.

route add

route add

what i've added lately:

one of the ethernet lines from the dsl modem runs into eth1 of an k12ltsp server, it gives the server an “outside” address of coming out of eth0 is a line which runs to a switch and branches out to 4 other computers, all of these computers are running cygwin.

the installation of the k12ltsp is totally stock, so eth0 is set to and it hands out the ip addresses for the 4 terminals

we've been testing k12ltsp now for three or four weeks and thinks this system rocks. but i have to make changes to the system that i don't think i can't do alone. this is what i would like to be able to do. we all need to be on one network 192.168.3.*** . the k12ltsp server has an address of, it has no internal ethernet card. every computer within our factory can access the k12ltsp server via cygwin we would use the command xwin -query as cygwin starts up the k12ltsp server needs to be able to tell cygwin that to reach the internet go out thru but to reach address (as400) go out thru with windows i use the route add command, were do i put that in ltsp ?? if i can get that to work then ibm has some software that will allow me to do 5250 terminal emulation on linux, i could load that program in and access the as400 with an ltsp terminal.

does anyone think they can help me or perhaps know a better way to do this ???

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