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Re: [K12OSN] eSchool News Article

On 5/16/05, hoffmann fidnet com <hoffmann fidnet com> wrote:
> Just read an interesting article in eSchool News online.  Indiana is moving
> toward implementing a 1-to-1 desktop computing program using "open source
> operating systems and other software."

We just did a school installation of K12LTSP in Indiana, and today
have made contact with Mike Huffman and are preparing a proposal for
him.  I believe this is a great opportunity to show how Linux thin
client, and LTSP/K12LTSP in particular, could make a huge difference
in schools.

There are big guns involved in this deal:  Dell, Novell, and maybe
Linspire.  I would welcome any help:  from ideas, to the actual design
of the proposal, to (wouldn't it be great) installations.

Whether it is this particular project, or Michigan, or somewhere else,
I believe the LTSP/K12LTSP community is ready for something of this
scope.  And that if we can find a way to combine our commercial and
non-commercial interests, we can create a compelling case for more
wide-scale adoption of Linux thin client in schools.  Schools will
save a lot of money, older computers will be saved from landfill, and
students will benefit from an introduction to the world of Open Source

ONE IDEA:  consider a formal program to have students following and
involved in the creation of software specifically designed for the
school environment, with local Open Source hackers coming to
classrooms, explaining how this all works, and inviting collaboration
on software projects--maybe some specifically designed to provide
student involvement.  Maybe some basic tasks and templates that a
teacher could use as a project, mentored by a hacker, where students
join a project with other students across the state via an email list,
and complete the project together--then can compare with the solutions
of other students.  And maybe even a contest for softare creation. 
Now that would be significant.


Steve Hargadon
916-899-1400 direct

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