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RE: [K12OSN] Professional Development and Teacher Collaboration

Hello Shawn,

I've been following this thread.  I've been interested to see this thread
take off.  I'm a teacher, and I set up my own K12LTSP lab because our tech
coordinator is too interested in other things.  I'm also an open source
evangilist, always trying to pitch the free stuff when I can.

Just like someone pointed out earlier, it'd be great to get this list
started, but it won't go anywhere unless you get some teachers on board.

I'd love to help get this ball rolling so we'd have some text books to show
to all the nay sayers.


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Eric Harrison wrote:
> There is no shift away from RedHat.

Awesome.  Who do I contact to start a teacher list on the redhat server? 
  Was there one created?

(After a budget meeting today, I have a particular bug up my arse to make
this happen...)

Thanks for any pointers to the right person to contact, -Shawn the

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