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Re: [K12OSN] Professional Development and Teacher Collaboration

Eric Brown wrote:
I'd love to help get this ball rolling so we'd have some text books to show
to all the nay sayers.

Thank you much Eric -- it *will* happen, I promise. :) Even if the list is just me blabbering to any unwilling subscribers!

I am not a teacher, so I have to be careful how and what I say.

If I can't figure out who/where/when to contact regarding a Redhat hosted listserv, I'll host it myself. I like the idea of it being hosted by Redhat though, so I'm going to try hard for that one. (not just to take the pressure off me, but let's be honest -- Redhat is a well known name!)

I *will* host a web based contributers-welcome site though, which I hope to get running tomorrow. I'm going to press my few excited teachers to put information up as soon as possible. If it turns out to deserve a domain name, I'll spring for that too. (Or like my other email said, bum a subdomain)

I do want to be careful that I don't reinvent the wheel, however, because there are a ton of great resources already available. (the wiki, this list, slashdot ;) etc) I just want to focus on classroom skills, teaching methods, lesson plan ideas, moodle-using, wacky-and-wonderful-web-things, and such the like. Basically the things I have no experience with!


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