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[K12OSN] Request for articles (personal request)

Sorry for my recent spamming of the list...

My superintendent just asked me for a list of articles regarding businesses, governments, states, schools, colleges, other countries, personal education success stories, etc that have moved to OSS and or Linux. *HE* wants to present to the school board at our Monday board meeting.

I have been doing some off-the-cuff research, and found recent things like Peru's government and the UK report, but would you folks mind bombarding me (offlist, please) with as many articles, links, etc that you can? This is a chance for OSS evangelism to come FROM someone other than me in my district, so I want arm the super (also my boss) as well as I can.

Thank you very, very much,


Shawn Powers
Technology Director
Inland Lakes Schools
PHN: 231-238-6868 x9174
FAX: 509-356-7024
spowers inlandlakes org

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