[K12OSN] Best FTP Server

Les Mikesell les at futuresource.com
Wed May 18 13:41:12 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-05-17 at 20:04, Debbie Schiel wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've setup our webserver (an old PII running Redhat Linux Fedora 2) and would
> like to be able to FTP php/html files from another machine (on a 
> regular basis)
> into /var/www/html/.
> I'm using webmin 1.150 and there are several FTP options (am I on the right
> track?) WU-FTP Server, Frox FTP Proxy, and ProFTPD Server.
> Which do people recommend I use?

If you are working with something that already has the ftp protocol
built in, set up vsftpd which should be included with Redhat.  If you
control both ends, use some variation of scp or sftp which will run
over ssh, and if you have a complete copy of the site where you edit
and preview, you can use 'rsync -essh ...' to copy the changes over
with only ssh on the target end.

  Les Mikesell
   les at futuresource.com

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