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Re: [K12OSN] New install (cc'd from offlist)

> Oh, and the powerpoint thing -- OpenOffice does not
> have all the 
> clipart.  That sucks.  There are some websites with
> free clipart, and 
> using those along with file saving techniques (ie,
> save to home 
> directory, and then insert file inside openoffice)
> prove to be 
> effective.  Part of it is trial and error.  If the
> teachers know that 
> going in, and see it as an opportunity to teach kids
> both how to make a 
> powerpoint, AND how to edit/modify files opened on
> different computers, 
> it can be a wonderful experience.  Face it, in the
> real world, WE FACE 
> THINGS LIKE THAT!!!  Heck, versions of powerpoint
> vary in what they look 
> like.  Being able to cope with those things should
> be part of the 
> learning process...
> Sorry to blabber on, I tend to do that...
> -Shawn

If people want Microsoft's clipart they just need to
go their website and get it!  I do it with my students
all the time - and we use OpenOffice ONLY.


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