[K12OSN] exclude file for rsync backups

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Wed May 18 18:30:16 UTC 2005


What I'm using (or planning to use) is rsnapshot.  It
doesn't do compression, but it uses rsync and hard
links to save many, many copies in not too much space.
 (Anything that hasn't changed from yesterday's backup
to today's is saved as a hard link, and only new stuff
is copied in full).  backuppc sounds cool and I'll
probably use it someday, but right now I'm gonna use
rsnapshot mostly because it fits into my learning
curve.  I'm trying to have a very deep understanding
of everything I do to my system, so I'm taking a baby
step from using tar to using rsnapshot.

Anyway, my setup will be doing a full backup every 4
hours.  It will save the last 6 instances of this
backup, plus it will save 7 daily backups and 4 weekly
backups.  Again, it can do this w/o taking up much
space because most of it is hard links.  But something
that changes constantly, like browser cache, will take
up space each time it is backed up.

For instance, right now my browser cache file is about
20 MB.  If each day my browser cache gets flushed and
refilled with 20 MB of new files, I'll be saving 20 x
(7daily + 4weekly) = 220 MB of useless junk.  It's not
much, I admit, but multiplied by a few users and
considering this is for a small home system, I'd
rather not save it.

Thanks for the input.  I'll be looking into backuppc,
but I think if I used it I still might want to put
together a fairly comprehensive exclude file.  Let me
know if you think I'm being ridiculous...


--- Les Mikesell <les at futuresource.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-05-18 at 12:36, Rob Owens wrote:
> > Does anybody have an exlude file that they'd care
> to
> > share with me?  I'm looking to do backups via
> rsync
> > and I don't want to back up junk like web browser
> > cache, deleted emails, etc. 
> > 
> > I've been browsing all the hidden files in my home
> > directory to find the useless stuff, but if
> somebody
> > has already done that work I'd appreciate hearing
> > about it.
> If you used backuppc, the compression and pooling
> would save
> enough space that you wouldn't have to worry about
> little
> things like that - except maybe /proc,
> /var/spool/squid/, and
> slocate.db.
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