[K12OSN] Re: intergrating k12ltsp

mike webb mwebb at addisonboot.com
Wed May 18 20:27:51 UTC 2005

mike webb wrote:

> mike webb wrote:
>>  what i have now:
>> a dsl modem that acts as a dhcp server, our address range is 
>> –
>> the dsl modems address is
>> an as400 mainframe that we connect to via frame relay,its address is 
>> , it has a gateway address of all the windows 
>> machines that must be able to reach the as400 and the internet have a 
>> little batch file that i created to run on startup. the batch file 
>> reads as so.
>> route add
>> route add
>> what i've added lately:
>> one of the ethernet lines from the dsl modem runs into eth1 of an 
>> k12ltsp server, it gives the server an “outside” address of 
>> coming out of eth0 is a line which runs to a switch 
>> and branches out to 4 other computers, all of these computers are 
>> running cygwin.
>> the installation of the k12ltsp is totally stock, so eth0 is set to 
>> and it hands out the ip addresses for the 4 terminals
>> we've been testing k12ltsp now for three or four weeks and thinks 
>> this system rocks. but i have to make changes to the system that i 
>> don't think i can't do alone. this is what i would like to be able to 
>> do. we all need to be on one network 192.168.3.*** . the k12ltsp 
>> server has an address of, it has no internal ethernet 
>> card. every computer within our factory can access the k12ltsp server 
>> via cygwin we would use the command xwin -query as 
>> cygwin starts up the k12ltsp server needs to be able to tell cygwin 
>> that to reach the internet go out thru but to reach 
>> address (as400) go out thru with windows i use 
>> the route add command, were do i put that in ltsp ?? if i can get 
>> that to work then ibm has some software that will allow me to do 5250 
>> terminal emulation on linux, i could load that program in and access 
>> the as400 with an ltsp terminal.
>> does anyone think they can help me or perhaps know a better way to do 
>> this ???
> man, i really having a hard time figuring out the proper way to reply 
> to a mail list thread that i started, can someone explain how i 
> "reply" when someone has replyed to a question i posted ??  hope this 
> gets out to everyone.
> Les Mikesell wrote:
> route add -host gw
> and you could add that to /etc/rc.d/rc.local to run at bootup or
> just add the route with the network GUI setup program.
> Thanks dude, i was close, i tried on the command line; route add 
> default gw eth1 and it worked. but i noticed that my 
> internet connection on the ltsp side was running real slow. the way 
> you told me to use the route command works alot better, i've added the 
> line to my /etc/rc.d/rc.local file. won't have a chance to reboot and 
> test it till tommorrow thou.
> Les Mikesell wrote:
> Do you control the dsl router?  The simple way to handle extra routes
> is to add them to the router that everything else uses as the
> default.
> Alternatively, you could put 2 nics in the k12ltsp server and put
> it between the dsl router and the rest of the network. However,
> then you either have to change the subnet address on the DSL
> router or everything else.  Then the k12ltsp server could do
> dhcp and be the default gateway for everything else, and only
> it would need the route to the mainframe.
> no Les the dsl router controls me. it's easy to access it's on-board 
> web server by simple placing the address in the url box of 
> your
> favorite broswer. the only problem is that i don't get a reply (a 
> problem for another day).
> i think i would really rather have the dsl router hand out the ip 
> addresses.  k12ltsp is still being tested and i'm not willing just yet 
> to had over a
> critial job to it. i'm really thinking about the one nic idea. i'm 
> sure i don't really understand the problem with just using one nic. 
> one thing that will be a problem thou is the  instruction change to 
> one nic  are not indepth enough for me. You'll have to look through 
> these files and replace 192.168.0.x with the appropriate IP network 
> information for your network.
>    /etc/exports
>    /etc/hosts.allow
>    /etc/rc.d/init.d/nat
>    /etc/hosts
>    /etc/dhcpd.conf
>    /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf
>    /opt/ltsp/templates/k12linux/hosts-update.sh
>    /opt/ltsp/templates/k12linux/setup-update.sh
> man oh man, i'm going to have a few questions when i get to that part.
> Scott D. Sanders wrote:
> I used IBM's Client Access/5250 package a few years ago, and I did not
> care for it. Mochasoft's TN5250 package works well, and is free:
> i can ping off of the as400 now ( so i downloaded ibm's 
> client access/5250 package. had all kinds of problems, seems that
> fedora core3 forgot to add luntictypewrite font of some sorts and 
> ibm5250 isn't going work without it. the fedora team seems to be
> aware of the problem and hope to have it fixed in core4. after 
> scratching that idea i downloaded tn5250 from sourceforge it seems to
> be working, i get a logon screen. do you have any experience with 
> tn5250 ?? i looked at mochasoft's TN5250 package on the net but their 
> product does'nt seem to be free. they have a demo version but i has a 
> banner across it when its running. maybe i'll try it latter.

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