[K12OSN] New Install ? on Switch

John Baillie jbaillie at stmarys-school.org
Thu May 19 07:57:09 UTC 2005

Karen Hoffmann wrote:

If I want to set up 3 rooms with 10 pcs each, what kind of switch(es)
you purchase?  Do I put a switch in each room?  A 24 port and a 16 port to
allow for expansion?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Karen Hoffmann
New Haven, MO

Being that you did not mention existing equipment can we surmise that you have no existing network drops?

If so and to do it on the cheap, down and dirty, heres an idea with minimal cable pulling.
Build one server $2500.00
Purchase 4 switches
  1 - BELKIN F5D5141-5 5 port 10/100/1000              $80.00
  3 - ASUS GigaX1024P 24 port 10/100/1000 @ $105.00    $315.00
  30 - Patch cables @ 3.00			       $150.00
  X ft. Cat5e cable to run from 
    server/5 port switch to rooms                      $???.??

Comes out to a little over 100.00 per seat but you really shouldn't figure the 
switches and all into the cost of a k12 deployment because you need them any hoo :-)

This would be ok for proof of concept but a better switch and proper drops installed is really the way to go.

Example from the trenches: We purchased a cheap unmanaged 24 port switch an we used desktop mini switches to make up
for lack of drops in the classrooms. One day (when of course I was out for the day) a fourth grader
decided to plug a cable from a 5 port mini switch back into its self. This took down the entire 24 port switch and 
three classrooms.

We have used amer.com managed switches and have had no problems what so ever and very reasonable.

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