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Brandon Kovach bkovach at lrhs.greene-r8.k12.mo.us
Thu May 19 13:13:31 UTC 2005

If I were me, then I would do all 3 at once.  I would buy a kickin' 
server and I wouldn't skimip much on switches.  Here's my logic.  Sell 
the teacher on the "If you want this number of computers, this is the 
only way to get it for the $$$" idea.  Then buy everything you need so 
that you know you aren't going to run out of hardware.  You'll have 
problems.  Most of those problems are going to be "Yeah, but can you 
make it do XXX" type problems the teachers request.

I live/work in Rogersville, MO which isn't too far from you if you want 
to come down and look at our setup. We have 94 machines on 2 servers 
spread across 3 labs.  My teachers were quite hesitant, but now all 3 
labs are full from before school to after school.


hoffmann at fidnet.com wrote:
> Hi, William.
> Thanks for the info.  I wish I could provide more specific details, but I
> have no idea what I'm doing.  My goal is to put approx. 10 computers into
> each of 3 classrooms.  It's been suggested that it would be less expensive
> to purchase one "good" server, than three small ones.  All I know for sure
> is that our school does not have the funds to keep adding new computers or
> buying Microsoft licenses.  Somehow, I have to make Linux work -- but it's
> not easy when you're completely clueless!
> Or, maybe I should start with one classroom and one server before I get
> myself into this too deep?  Again, I'm open to all suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Karen
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>>Hi Karen,
>>If you will have a server in each room, then 3 switches is the obvious
> choice. Make sure you get a switch, not a hub. Switches route data more
> efficiently than hubs. A 16-port switch will give you room to grow in each
> room, and can be purchased for less than $50.00 each.
>>If you are using a single server for all three rooms, you will need to run
> a cable from each room to your server location. A 4th switch may be needed
> (could be a small, 4-port) to connect each room's feed cable to the server.
> If this is the route you are going make sure to get a switch that has a
> feature called 'Auto MDX'. This lets you connect standard patch cables to
> the switch without worrying about crossover cables.
>>If you can provide more specifics about your setup, I can make
> recommendations.
>>Hope this helps...
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>>>If I want to set up 3 rooms with 10 pcs each, what kind of
>>>switch(es) would you purchase?  Do I put a switch in each
>>>room?  A 24 port and a 16 port to allow for expansion?
>>>Any suggestions are welcome.
>>>Karen Hoffmann
>>>New Haven, MO
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