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[K12OSN] Multimedia

The administration at my school is really keen on going big time with LTSP technology. We have a great network (Gbit backbone with 100 Mbit to every desktop) so we have lots of bandwidth. I also have a pretty decent budget for buying a bunch of dual Opteron servers.

Here's my problem: The students aren't just using the current Windows 2000 PCs for Word and email (mostly P3s with 128MB ram). The school has access to a bunch of web-based multimedia resources (streaming video and audio). The concern is that we'll have to take that away if we move to thin clients.

Suggestions? Would a NoMachine client running locally do the trick? If I have tons of bandwidth will this run okay if I'm running rdesktop locally and run everything off my MS terminal server? Could I run Firefox and the required media player(s) as local apps? Any ideas?

Casey Woods

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