[K12OSN] DHCP Questions - Putting a Windows client in FC3 lab

Ken Grant kmgrant at actaccess.net
Thu May 19 20:59:05 UTC 2005

Is the Windows client pulling an IP address?

If you run ipconfig /all you should get your IP address and gateway 

You can set both Firefox and IE to automatically detect proxy 
settitngs.  This may be a good idea just in case your proxy server is 
using a port other that 8080.  In Firefox go to Tool > Options and click 
on the "Connection Settings" button.  In IE go to Tool > Options and 
select Lan.


richard ingalls wrote:

>I have an existing FC3 classroom lab with one server a
>just a few clients.  I need to add just one Windows
>client into this room & it needs to have internet
>access.  What are the settings I need to adjust on
>either the client or the server to make this happen? 
>The server goes through a squid/DG proxy server in my
>I tried adjusting the TCP/IP settings on the Windows
>client to obtain it's IP address automatically, but
>couldn't get online with Firefox or IE.
>Any help is appreciated!  Thanks.
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