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[K12OSN] Re: Help me fight FUD

I've composited some of the responses I received on this and responded throughout.

I would have them try OO on those powerpoints... That's an old enough version of office that I think OO would do nicely displaying them.

So I guess "try to break it and see what happens" would be a valid starting point.

We've had StarOffice 6.0/7.0 on the machines for a couple of years. Most of them have at least attempted to open something with it and immediately freaked out.

You don't say if this is a K12LTSP environ, or OO.o on WinXX. So ...

Primarily a Windows network running mostly XP with some NT 4.0 workstations. We do have K12LTSP in two labs, 3 libraries, and some classrooms. The students don't have a problem with it.

What about leaving that aging copy of Office 97 on the system. Then, if Feature X is missing, they can use MS Office for that presentation, and someone else (you?) could edit the presentation to be OO.o compatible if necessary?

Not an option. If MS Office is available, they WILL use it exclusively. The administration is pretty firm on the stance that whatever we do, we'll do exclusively. All MS, or all StarOffice.

Also SO8 (OO.o 2?) has
much better filters so it becomes less of an issue.

I haven't tested either of these extensively, but there are certain to be problems. One HUGE issue is that Impress can't play sounds across multiple slides, i.e. play a song throughout a slide show. This one issue is almost a show-stopper. I haven't been able to find any documentation anywhere that says this issue has been resolved in the upcoming versions. Anyone have a comment on this?

You can't ever guarantee that there will be 100% compatibility. This is a very good example of the vendor lock-in issue and could be used as a case to actually move to OO.o even if issues will arise (look at the long term benefit vs short term pain).

I know these things to be true. What I'm hoping to find here are some clever, creative, effective ways to illustrate the salience of these points to a 57-year-old Auto Shop teacher, for example.

Remind everyone about the change from Word Perfect to Word. That was supposed to be the end of the world too.

We still have people mad about that. ;)

"Drama is life with the dull bits cut out." -- Alfred Hitchcock

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