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Re: [K12OSN] Help me fight FUD

Speaking of WordPerfect, when talking with people who say "Kids should use MS Office because that is what they'll encounter in the business world", it should be pointed out that WordPerfect is still used quite a lot, particularly in legal environments. The idea that the world only uses MS Office is a simplistic myth, partly created by reports on the *sales* numbers of MS Office & WordPerfect, which don't reveal anything about the existing installed base. The point is it's a false assumption, which therefore leads to bad conclusions like the above claim. Not to mention, as we have all discussed, kids need to learn the concepts, not the particulars of one word processor over another.


Tim Kaldahl wrote:
On Thursday 19 May 2005 07:38 pm, Dimitri Yioulos wrote:

Hello all,
   We're looking at tossing MS Office entirely at our district in favor
of OpenOffice/StarOffice.  The administration recognizes the cost
benefit and the more technically savvy teachers are ok with the change.
So far no on has questioned the ability of OO.o to meet our future
needs.  The Fear Uncertainty and Doubt exist in relation our current
body of work.

Remind everyone about the change from Word Perfect to Word. That was supposed to be the end of the world too.

Tim Kaldahl

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