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Re: [K12OSN] Re: Help me fight FUD

> Not an option. If MS Office is available, they WILL use it exclusively. The administration is pretty firm on > the stance that whatever we do, we'll do exclusively. All MS, or all StarOffice.

It sounds like the teachers/staff have almost made the decision for you. Since you can't guarantee 100% compatibility and you also have to have continuous sound in Impress, there aren't many options unless the administration is willing to look long term. But ... Hot off the presses: http://asia.cnet.com/news/specialreports/0,39037117,39230757,00.htm discusses the rapid (?) adoption of OSS in Asia. If 1/3 of the world's population is moving in this direction, perhaps we should also? Perhaps this can sway the administration? Or that 57 year old auto shop teacher?

> I know these things to be true. What I'm hoping to find here are some clever, creative, effective ways to
> illustrate the salience of these points to a 57-year-old Auto Shop teacher, for example.

Can't claim to be creative, but ... Perhaps an automotive analogy: Does every one drive the same car? Is it worth teaching about or using different vehicles to learn both how they are similar and different? Can't we also adapt to a different word processor? Or, appeal to a baser motive, in money terms, if you save money on the Office suite, he might get better equipment for his shop from some of the savings?

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