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RE: [K12OSN] Re: Help me fight FUD

Maybe some students could get extra credit for converting a presentation
for a prof. that is especially resistant or ask the computer teacher to
do this as a class assignment. That way students interact with materials
on other subjects, learn Ooo presenter and you get things converted.

Seems like a win-win situation. Then you could setup a deadline of 1
year for conversions and anything the computer class doesn't do could be
done for extra credit in someone else's class. Again, the student gets
interaction with the class material.

I'm assuming the profs would try the convert and only hand over the ones
that didn't easily make the transition.


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> --- Mark Cockrell <cockrell honeygroveisd net> wrote:
> > Primarily a Windows network running mostly XP with some NT 4.0 
> > workstations.  We do have K12LTSP in two labs, 3 libraries, 
> and some 
> > classrooms.  The students don't have a problem with it.
> Then point out to the PowerPoint lovers that to be 100% 
> compatible with *the rest of the school*, they must use Star 
> Office / OpenOffice

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