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Vlad Rachinsky vlad_rachinsky at yahoo.com
Fri May 20 15:30:33 UTC 2005

> Some of these teachers have dozens of PowerPoint
> presentations they've been using for years and the
> thought of having to
> edit and reformat them all to account for the lack
> of Feature X in
> > OpenOffice is daunting.  They'd rather hang on to
> the aging copy of MS
> > Office 97 they know, than face the future of a
> modern office suite they
> > don't know.

Hi John !

I think to eliminate all Windows tools is a wrong way.
I use Windows 2003 server and my clients can connect
by using rDesktop. Some app. like New Century Edu.
work only in Windows (they need MS Word, VB etc.).
So if it sounds good and you need more help you I can

Vlad Rachinsky.
GJUHS District, Sacramento, CA
(916) 286-5135 
vlad_rachinsky at yahoo.com

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