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Re: [ok-mail] [K12OSN] Help me fight FUD

And this will allow them to use the old ones they have, but the new ones can be created from the get-go with OOo and then there won't be any compatibility problems. . .


John Hansknecht wrote:

On Thursday 19 May 2005 14:52, Mark Cockrell wrote:

Some of these teachers have dozens of PowerPoint
presentations they've been using for years and the thought of having to
edit and reformat them all to account for the lack of Feature X in
OpenOffice is daunting. They'd rather hang on to the aging copy of MS
Office 97 they know, than face the future of a modern office suite they
don't know. Have any of you fought this battle?

If you are not yet switching the PC's to Linux (or perhaps with Wine?) we have installed the PowerPoint Viewer during the transition so that they can still use their old PowerPoint .... it has kept them happy but it has also slowed their conversion efforts.



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