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Doug Simpson veewee77 at alltel.net
Fri May 20 17:58:05 UTC 2005

And this will allow them to use the old ones they have, but the new ones 
can be created from the get-go with OOo and then there won't be any 
compatibility problems. . .


John Hansknecht wrote:

>On Thursday 19 May 2005 14:52, Mark Cockrell wrote:
>>Some of these teachers have dozens of PowerPoint
>>presentations they've been using for years and the thought of having to
>>edit and reformat them all to account for the lack of Feature X in
>>OpenOffice is daunting.  They'd rather hang on to the aging copy of MS
>>Office 97 they know, than face the future of a modern office suite they
>>don't know.  Have any of you fought this battle?
>If you are not yet switching the PC's to Linux (or perhaps with Wine?) we
> have installed the PowerPoint Viewer during the transition so that they can
> still use their old PowerPoint .... it has kept them happy but it has also
> slowed their conversion efforts.
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