[K12OSN] Big Troubles

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Sat May 21 01:29:34 UTC 2005

> Hi Everyone!  Well, Murphy is coming a-calling...  Friday pm and 
> most gurus are off for a long week-end-  Yikes.
> All of our clients are dropping off after only running a short while-
>  minutes...  The twin 3 gig mp server is crawling- K12ltsp 4.2.   A 
> reboot just allows all of the slow downs and trouble to begin 
> minutes after reboot.

Well here are a couple of suggestions from the hip.  First it would be a good
idea to isolate if the problem is the server, network, or clients.

Shut down all clients (powered off).

I would start by unplugging the server from the network first, rebooting it
and seeing if there are slowdowns.  The after you are certain the server is
stable try plugging in the internet interface.  Make sure things are still
stable.  Then plug in the client side interface.

If things go haywire on the internet plug in I would suspect the Internet NIC
or bad switch/router feeding it, or very slim a DOS attack or similar.  If the
client side NIC brings things to a halt I would suspect a bad NIC or switch.  

If all of that goes well boot one client at a time and wait for a stability
check.  This should bring the problem client to the forfront.  

If the server was still going haywire with nothing plugged into it, punt!

I hope that gives you some simple stuff to try until someone with some better
advice can chime in.  I hope it is rainy and cold where you are this weekend,
cause it sounds like you won't be enjoying it anyway.

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