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Msdigital mark at msdigitaldzines.com
Mon May 23 13:59:39 UTC 2005

Sorry for double post, but the instructions are the same as Jim's. Jim wrote 
and tested the insturctions I have. I can confirm that these intrutctions 
work on 10.2.


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> http://www.k12ltsp.org/phpwiki/
> Jim, is your copy different than Mark's notes (which came from your docs, 
> if I'm following the thread correctly)?  Even if it's just a bit 
> different, I'd encourage you to post in on the wiki, as just another 
> example.  There's no such thing as too much documentation, particularly 
> with regard to examples.  I own about a dozen books on perl, and they 
> overlap quite a lot.  But each one has at least one nugget of info that 
> the all the others don't, and that one nugget makes having the book 
> worthwhile.  Your copy, if it's even just a bit different, might be just 
> the thing for someone trying to solve a problem, whereas the one that's 
> there might not work for that first someone, but will be perfect for 
> someone else.
> Petre
> Jim Kronebusch wrote:
>>>Okay, I added the contents of your PDF to the wiki under Technical. 
>>>Thanks for writing that up.
>> Thanks for putting that on the wiki.  I'll take my copy off of
>> http://www.1-cs.com/osxldap.html where I was hosting it in the interim.
>> The instructions say 10.3 or later just because that is all I did my
>> testing on.  I tested them to 10.3 and 10.4 and I believe it will work
>> on 10.2 as well I just didn't test it yet.  Which wiki is that under?  I 
>> checked ltsp.org and can't find a Technical
>> section.
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