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[K12OSN] Re: Big Troubles- getting desparate

Thanks Michael, Mark and Jim,

Will our server still work if in.authd is disabled? I do NIS and NFS off of it too. It has one gig nic and the onborad 10/100 is disabled. We ran the server off the network and with all clients rurned off. Things begin to go bad when clients boot. It doesn't matter what lab boots. CPU usage shown on top is normal with or without clients up.

I work in a Canadian school and today is a day off- similar to your holiday next Monday, so I still have a day for ideas before we cancel classes.

I was just saying to our librarians that our K12LTSP system had been working so well for months...

Hi Everyone! Well, Murphy is coming a-calling... Friday pm and most gurus are off for a long week-end- Yikes.

All of our clients are dropping off after only running a short while-
minutes... The twin 3 gig mp server is crawling- K12ltsp 4.2. A reboot just allows all of the slow downs and trouble to begin minutes after reboot.

ps -aux | grep ident

returns hundreds of:

ident 10068 0.9 0.0 7280 720 ? Rs 14:51 0:01 in.authd -t60 --xerror --os -E
ident 10072 0.5 0.0 5556 720 ? Rs 14:52 0:00 in.authd -t60 --xerror --os -E

It looks like something is triggering multiple in.authd processes. You can probably sakely turn this service off (edit /etc/xinetd.d/auth). I believe this process is spawned because of incoming traffic on port 113. It might be instructive to run ethereal to see if someone is trying a DOS using this port. </snip>

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