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[K12OSN] Re: script help please (OT) solved

Dear Quentin, Les, and Petre,

Thanks for your help.  We now have the data in the order we need.

FWIW, Quentin, your tip was beyond me (my fault, not yours :-)
Les, I tried yours first and it worked.  Thanks.

Petre, I tried yours second and it worked too. I had to change the % in front of %hash to $hash on the second line to get it to go.

I don't think the comma thing was an issue because when the leading number got stripped out it left it's comma behind and that allowed it to dovetail onto the preceding line nicely. And the last line didn't have a comma after it to begin with.

So to summarize, Thank you all for your help, the user who had to deal with this data will be most pleased.


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