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Re: [K12OSN] Linux and Active Directory

Here is a link to an article i found that decribes a single sign on for LTSP clinets to a w2k3 DC.  This article does not address any network shares but does setup for logging into a LTSP client with a w2k3 doamin user account.


Hope it jelps

On 5/22/05, David Dees <david suwannee k12 fl us> wrote:
I am close to rolling out a Linux Terminal Server lab.  The one piece I
would like to complete before I do is
getting logons to validate via Active Directory....Is this possible?  Can
anyone point me to some info on the topic.

many thanks

David Dees
Network Manager
Suwannee County Schools
702 2nd Street NW
Live Oak, FL  32064
(386) 364-2148
david suwannee k12 fl us

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