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Re: [K12OSN] Server Recommendation

My only recommendation is to avoid an "Onboard SCSI/RAID Controller" - this
advice was given to me last year when I was looking for a machine for our

Unfortunately this advice was not taken by the powers that be, and they bought
one with the "Onboard SCSI/RAID Controller" (in quotes because I still don't
understand what it is, I just know we have them and they're bad news!)
So they bought the wonderful new server, unfortunately it was up to little me to
get Fedora on it - BIG PROBLEMS - problems that I would not have had had they
bought the server that was recommended and requested! Long story slightly
shorter, we now have Fedora 1 on it and all is fine. I would love to update but
the latest is not compatible with our super dooper machine.


Quoting Mark Sarria <mes4294 lausd k12 ca us>:

A small private elementary school has asked me to recommend a server for
there Lab. They have 30 Windows 2000 workstations and 2 laser jet printers
(color, Black and White) I recommended they use Fedora Core 3 (K12LTSP) and
showed them the benefits of this powerful OS. Now they need a computer to
run it- They get special pricing through Dell.

Any recommendations on a Dell System?


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