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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP Installation Decision

Quoting hoffmann fidnet com:
Thanks again for your kind and patient support.  I'd still like to learn to
set up K12LTSP on my own; but for now, I have to take the easy way out. It's
the most efficient way for me to provide the technology that my students

Hi Karen, Just a word of encouragment - I am what some may call a dizzy blonde;
a year ago I knew NOTHING about linux. I began investigation around
July/August, stumbled across K12ltsp, and installed it successfully on an old
PIII computer as a demo. I did have a lot of help from the list AND some
wonderful step-by-step made-for-dummies-like-me howtos. Now our school has a
mini lab of 16 donated PCs + about 4PCs in each classroom all connected to our
K12ltsp server. It's a massive learning curve but it's not impossible. I hope
everything goes well for you and your school!

Best regards,


Karen Hoffmann Franklin Co. R-2 School New Haven, MO

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