[K12OSN] Suggestions for a LTSP Demo

Curt Craig ccraig at safedesksolutions.com
Tue May 24 15:46:00 UTC 2005

We do quite a few demonstrations; I always emphasize the following
points when discussing SafeDesk's "flavor" of LTSP:

1) Ease of management (especially when $$ aren't as important)
2) Ease of integration with AD/NSD/LDAP
3) Security
4) Stability
5) Application compatibility

Best of luck!
Curt Craig
SafeDesk Solutions

On Tue, 2005-05-24 at 08:32, Harish Pillay wrote:

> Hi.  I have an opportunity to help educate a bunch of school
> teachers about Linux, Open Source and copyright/licensing
> issues. These teachers are the ones looking after IT related
> stuff in Singapore schools.  The event is to be held on June
> 2nd.
> Instead of those topics (or perhaps in addition to), I am thinking
> of showcasing LTSP.  I have their time from 9am till noon and
> they will be in a lab with machines and I am thinking of 
> preparing a server (could be my laptop - a Dell D600) to be
> the server.  I reckon about 20 teachers will be attending.
> I would like to hear from list members on best practises for
> demos.
> I have invited LUGS (www.lugs.org.sg) for volunteers and they
> are fothcoming offering hardware and time.
> In order to make a good and positive impression with these
> teachers (who probably have never seen a Linux desktop and
> probably do not even know of Linux), what are the top 5 things
> that we must show in the LTSP demo?  Do remember that
> these schools are not short of funds and the Singapore Ministry
> of Education (www.moe.gov.sg) has the tax dollars to pay the
> Micro$oft tax - but I want to curtail/reduce that.
> I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.
> Harish Pillay
> ps:  I helped establish LUGS back in 1993 and am currently
> employed by Red Hat in Singapore, but this is an effort
> independent of Red Hat per se.
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